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How To Add WordPress Blog To FlipBoard

August 30th, 2012 | Posted by colin in Technology

This is very simple to do but it took a bit of time to figure out so thought I’d share in case anyone else is having trouble.

Cutting to the chase all you need to do is;

  1. Open FlipBoard
  2. Click the red ribbon search/content icon on the top right
  3. In the “Search for anything…” search box at the top type in your wordpress blog RSS feed URL preceded with “feed://” to specify a feed scheme. It should look like

After a little while your blog should appear in the search results so you can just add it to your flipboard by clicking the “+” symbol to the right of the feed.

A WordPress blog creates an RSS feed out-of-the-box so the key here was just forcing FlipBoard to see it by specifying the feed scheme in the URL. I tried a long while using the other blog feed paths, and was about to create another twitter account just to accomplish what I wanted, before stumbling across this solution.

[EDIT 2012-09-04]  Although this appears to work to show the feed, the feed does not appear to update. Still investigating.


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